I’m a third-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Currently, I am a member of SJTU MVIG lab under the supervision of Prof.Cewu Lu. Prior to that, I received my Bachelor degree (Electronic Engineering) in 2018 and Master degree (Computer Science) in 2020 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics.


[2023/02] Our paper NIKI is accepted in CVPR2023.
[2022/12] Tech Talk about AlphaPose at TechBeat.
[2022/11] AlphaPose is accepted by TPAMI!
[2022/10] I am invited to give a talk at IDEA.
[2022/09] Jittor version of AlphaPose is released!
[2022/07] Our paper D&D is accepted in ECCV2022 (Oral).
[2022/07] Our paper SmoothNet and DLSA are accepted in ECCV2022.
[2022/06] 吴班 Talk: Regression From the Perspective of MLE (Link).
[2022/04] New DEMO code and colab Google Colab for HybrIK are available.
[2021/09] Our paper Sampling-Argmax is accepted in NeurIPS2021.
[2021/09] Invited Talk at Max-Planck Institute, Perceiving Systems Department.
[2021/07] CVPR 2021特别企划: 基于混合逆运动学解法的3D人体形态估计 (Video).
[2021/07] Our paper Residual Log-likelihood Estimation is accepted in ICCV2021 (Oral).
[2021/07] Our paper CPF is accepted in ICCV2021.
[2021/03] Our paper HybrIK is accepted in CVPR2021.
[2020/05] Our paper HMOR is accepted in ECCV2020 (Spotlight).
[2020/02] Our paper 2D-3D Joint HOI Learning is accepted in CVPR2020.
[2019/07] AlphaPose is included in GluonCV model zoo now.
[2019/02] Our Paper CrowdPose is accepted in CVPR2019 (Oral).
[2018/12] Our CrowdPose dataset is available!
[2018/09] PyTorch version of AlphaPose is released!
[2018/07] Our paper PoseFlow is accepted in BMVC2018.
[2018/02] Our real-time accurate multi-person pose estimation system AlphaPose is released!



Real-Time and Accurate Multi-Person Pose Estimation & Tracking System


NIKI: Neural Inverse Kinematics with Invertible Neural Networks for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation

Jiefeng Li*, Siyuan Bian*, Qi Liu, Jiasheng Tang, Fan Wang, and Cewu Lu
(*=equal contribution)

CVPR 2023

AlphaPose: Whole-Body Regional Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Tracking in Real-Time

Hao-Shu Fang*, Jiefeng Li*, Hongyang Tang, Chao Xu, Haoyi Zhu, Yuliang Xiu, Yong-Lu Li and Cewu Lu
(*=equal contribution)

TPAMI 2022

D&D: Learning Human Dynamics from Dynamic Camera

Jiefeng Li, Siyuan Bian, Chao Xu, Gang Liu, Gang Yu and Cewu Lu

ECCV 2022 (Oral presentation - Top 2.7%)

Localization with Sampling-Argmax

Jiefeng Li, Tong Chen, Ruiqi Shi, Yujing Lou, Yong-Lu Li and Cewu Lu

NeurIPS 2021
[Paper][Project Page][Code][知乎]

Human Pose Regression with Residual Log-likelihood Estimation

Jiefeng Li, Siyuan Bian, Ailing Zeng, Can Wang, Bo Pang and Cewu Lu

ICCV 2021 (Oral presentation - Top 3%)
[Paper][Project Page][Code][知乎]

HybrIK: A Hybrid Analytical-Neural Inverse Kinematics Solution for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation

Jiefeng Li, Chao Xu, Zhicun Chen, Siyuan Bian, Lixin Yang and Cewu Lu

CVPR 2021
[Paper][Project Page][Code][知乎]

HMOR: Hierarchical Multi-Person Ordinal Relations for Monocular Multi-Person 3D Pose Estimation

Jiefeng Li*, Can Wang*, Wentao Liu, Chen Qian and Cewu Lu
(*=equal contribution)

ECCV 2020 (Spotlight - Top 5%)

CrowdPose: Efficient Crowded Scenes Pose Estimation and A New Benchmark

Jiefeng Li, Can Wang, Hao Zhu, Yihuan Mao, Hao-Shu Fang and Cewu Lu

CVPR 2019 (Oral presentation - Top 5.6%)

Pose Flow: Efficient Online Pose Tracking

Yuliang Xiu*, Jiefeng Li*, Haoyu Wang, Yinghong Fang and Cewu Lu

BMVC 2018

SmoothNet: A Plug-and-Play Network for Refining Human Poses in Videos

Ailing Zeng, Lei Yang, Xuan Ju, Jiefeng Li, Jianyi Wang, and Qiang Xu

ECCV 2022

Constructing Balance from Imbalance for Long-tailed Image Recognition

Yue Xu*, Yong-Lu Li*, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

ECCV 2022

ArtiBoost: Boosting Articulated 3D Hand-Object Pose Estimation via Online Exploration and Synthesis

Lixin Yang*, Kailin Li*, Xinyu Zhan, Jun Lv, Wenqiang Xu, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

CVPR 2022 (Oral presentation - Top 4%)

Unified and Fast Human Trajectory Prediction Via Conditionally Parameterized Normalizing Flow

Jianhua Sun, Zehao Wang, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

RA-L and ICRA 2022

Correlation Field for Boosting 3D Object Detection in Structured Scenes

Jianhua Sun, Hao-Shu Fang, Xianghui Zhu, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

AAAI 2022

Unsupervised Representation for Semantic Segmentation by Implicit Cycle-Attention Contrastive Learning

Bo Pang, Yizhuo Li, Yifan Zhang, Gao Peng, Jiajun Tang, Kaiwen Zha, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

AAAI 2022

CPF: Learning a Contact Potential Field to Model the Hand-Object Interaction

Lixin Yang, Xinyu Zhan, Kailin Li, Wenqiang Xu, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

ICCV 2021

TDAF: Top-Down Attention Framework for Vision Tasks

Bo Pang, YiZhuo Li, Jiefeng Li, Muchen Li, Hanwen Cao and Cewu Lu

AAAI 2020

Detailed 2D-3D Joint Representation for Human-Object Interaction

Yong-Lu Li, Xinpeng Liu, Han Lu, Shiyi Wang, Junqi Liu, Jiefeng Li and Cewu Lu

CVPR 2020


  • TechBeat: 多人场景,全身136关键点检测与跟踪框架AlphaPose技术讲解 (Link), 2022.12.28
  • From skeleton to body: Robust Human Pose Estimation
    • International Digital Economy Academy (IDEA), hosted by Ailing Zeng, 2022.10.19
  • Regression From the Perspective of MLE | 吴班 Talk (Link), 2022.06.06
  • From skeleton to body: Keypoint Estimation is Helpful for Human Body Reconstruction (Link)
    • Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department, hosted by Yuliang Xiu, 2021.09.06
  • Human Pose Regression with Residual Log-likelihood Estimation
    • Tencent GY-Lab (光影实验室), hosted by Gang Yu, 2021.09.02
    • Valse 2022, Workshop: 可解释的深度学习算法与视觉应用, 2022.08.24
  • HybrIK: 基于混合逆运动学解法的3D人体形态估计 | CVPR 2021特别企划 (Video), 2021.07.28


  • Reviewer of NeurIPS’21, 22, CVPR’22, 23, ICCV’23, ECCV’22, IROS’22, IJCV, TIP, T-ASE, JVIS, etc.